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Every week we ship loads of timber to customers all over the world, from our great suppliers throughout Sweden. We look forward to hear from you, and to give you a quote on your requests. Call us today!

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AB Timber’s office in the absolute centre of Emmaboda.

Kyrkogatan 7
SE-361 30 Emmaboda, Sweden


How To Contact Us
Phone: +46 709 10 10 10

Office Hours
Mondays—Friday: 8 am—5 pm CET

Kenny Karlsson

+46 709 10 10 10
Born 1971.
Likes timber, hunting and fishing.
Customer care.

Simon Eriksson

+46 730 35 95 50
Born 1995.
Likes timber, soccer, floorball and golf.
Customer care.

Jessica Fridlundh

Business, Accounts, Invoices
+46 703 92 01 78
Born 1971.
Likes timber, football and auctions.
Customer care.

Cecilia Rudolfsson

Business, Administration
+46 709 10 11 73
Born 1973.
Likes timber, golf and singing.
Customer care.

Terese Klaesson

Business, Invoices, Stocks
+46 703 64 03 02
Born 1972.
Likes timber, and training football teams.
Customer care.

Wilma Klaesson

+46 706 27 23 23
Born 2000.
Likes timber, swimming and growing plants.
Customer care.

We are all certified timber experts!

In January 2014 all staff at AB TIMBER passed the test after a 2 day course, and became certified timber experts. We digged deeper into the sawmill industry and timber merchants, as well as standards and quality grades.

Welcome to contact your certified expert today!