The Swedish forest industry

The Swedish forest industry

  • Sweden has 165 sawmills producing more than 20,000 m³ per year.
  • 85 of these sawmills belongs to a sawmill group = 80 possible suppliers to AB Timber.
  • Sweden’s total production is about 18 million m³ per year.

Our raw material

Whitewood/Spruce (Picea Abies) is one of 36 different kinds of spruce in the world. It can be over 40 meters high, and 250–300 years old. In Sweden it is normally harvested after 80–100 years. After harvesting, cutting and drying to 18% moisture content its weight is about 460 kg/m³.

Redwood/Pine (Pinus Silvestris) is one of 30 different kinds of pine in the world, and can be over 30 meters high. The oldest known pine tree in Sweden is 800 years old and 37 meters high. Normally it is harvested after 90–150 years. At 18% moisture content its weight is about 500 kg/m³. About 35% of Sweden’s forests is pine.

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