Only the best is good enough

We at AB Timber produce at production specialists for each field, product or area across Sweden. We work hard to deliver the absolute best timber-buying experience for you. Try us!

Global Delivery

With customers all over the world and our vast experience in the business, we have the most efficient shipping contacts in the market.

Smart Organisation

We are not the largest company, and we don’t attend to be. Instead we want to keep the speed and rationality a small organisation can offer.

Friendly Team

We strive for personal contacts and long-term customer relationships. And you are always welcome for a cup of coffee!

We’re looking for “Loads” of customers — for “Loads” of timber.

Some of our recent customer and employee activities

  • Christmas dinner

    “We visited Eriksberg Nature Reserve overnight for christmas dinner and market. Four customers participated as well: one timber merchant, two packaging companies and a roof truss manufacturer. Merry christmas!”

  • Handball World Championship

    “This January, we attended the 2019 World Men’s Handball Championship in Copenhagen. We saw two matches: Argentina vs. Hungary and Egypt vs. Sweden. Thanks to our support, Sweden could beat Egypt with 27–24. (Sad enough, Sweden didn’t make it to the finals.)”

  • Tree cutting

    “Our customers will sometimes get the opportunity to cut down a full-grown tree all by themselves. For a newbie, it’s a true challenge!”

  • 10th Anniversary

    “As a part of our 10th anniversary, we visited a builders merchant in Kiruna, and got a closer look on the move of the whole town! We also visited the iron ore-mine LKAB 500 m below ground, Swedens most northern sawmill and a hotel made of Ice. And a lot more!”

  • Fishing trip

    “Warm and easy discussions, blended with a perfect service and joy of fishing. And what most important – everything was done with love!”

  • Christmas trip

    Just before christmas, we gathered some of our favorite customers for an overnight trip to Copenhagen. Shopping, show and an interesting visit at the Carlsberg brewery – probably the best christmas trip in the world!

  • Dutch lumberjacks

    We had some of our dutch customers visiting for a forest day, where everyone had the chance to cut their own tree. Highly appreciated!

  • Crayfish catching

    Under the August moon, we caught crayfishes after a pleasant customer day in the Swedish forests.

  • A great day for golf

    One of our customers gladly joined us for a golf round. It was a lovely day — warm, sunny and no mosquitos.

  • A closer look in the forest

    A day in the woods is always nice. Together with some of our customers, we visited one of our suppliers during harvesting.

  • Watch out, Anja Pärson!

    We had a wonderful trip to the Swedish mountains, and we also visited one of our great suppliers on our way home.

  • The winner takes it all

    Our local soccer team, Kalmar FF, has a brand new arena. Of course we were there with a couple of happy customers.

  • A visit at the office

    Not every company has their office in a typical Swedish red cottage with white house corners. We do.